Closer to perfection



Since more than 25 years Manthey Racing GmbH is the expert for high-performance Porsche road vehicles and uncompromising Porsche race cars. Manthey came to international attention thanks to its activities in the VLN Endurance Championship Nürburgring, the WEC sports car world championship and other racing events. The company has been responsible for running GT works competition for Porsche Motorsport since 2013.

The company is also known for organising the NLS class Cayman GT4 Trophy by Manthey-Racing and for circuit-specific preparation of street-legal cars. 

Manthey Racing GmbH is a company run by the brothers Nicolas and Martin Raeder with more than 250 employees, in which Porsche AG holds 51 per cent of the shares.

Our Mission

Closer to perfection

"Closer to Perfection" is more than just a corporate mission. It is our central brand promise. It sums up our daily motivation and unites us in our pride in what we have achieved. It is the promise to our customers and partners to become a little better every day - and to make them and their vehicles perform a little better every day.

Our Drive

„The uncompromising willingness to learn is the key to success, to change perspectives and pinpoint the right solutions.“
Martin & Nicolas Raeder
Managing Director

Our Story

Olaf Manthey founded the company in 1996 - the starting point got more than 25 years of uncompromising work, legendary victories and jointly shaped racing heritage: these were the milestones in our company history.

Our Values

What defines us


We give space to visions. The courage to find customised solutions is part of our DNA and our philosophy.


You can rely on us. Open dialogue is the basis for mutual trust and respect.


Only the spirit of performance matters. Getting closer to perfection every day is what drives us.


Meticulousness is the key to success. We start every day with the aim of delivering the best possible result.

Our Roots

Where we come from

Our Home Track

The Eifel is our home and the Nürburgring is our home turf. Nothing has formed us as much as the challenge of the "Green Hell".

Our Headquarters

Located directly at the Nürburgring, Meuspath is our company headquarters. In 2000, we found the space here to develop into a global company.

Our Brand

Porsche is not only our passion, but has also been our majority shareholder since 2013. This makes us and our solutions "Porsche approved".

Our Heads

Manthey is managed by Martin and Nicolas Raeder. The brothers took over from company founder Olaf Manthey in 2013.

Our Management

Martin Raeder

Martin Raeder

Managing Partner

Nicolas Raeder

Managing Partner

Vita | Martin Raeder

Martin Raeder co-founded Raeder Motorsport in 2001 and has been Managing Director and co-owner of Manthey since 2013. Together with his brother Nicolas, he runs the company with the same passion as founder Olaf Manthey. His motivation is to perfect every detail without losing sight of the big picture.

Vita | Nicolas Raeder

As a qualified engineer, Nicolas Raeder founded Raeder Motorsport GmbH together with his brother Martin in 2001. In 2013, the company merged with Manthey Racing GmbH. Since then, the former racing driver has managed the company together with his brother, always on the lookout for technical competitive advantages.

Business Units

From the track to the street

Our Heritage

Our achievements on the racetrack are the basis for our racing and road car expertise. We apply this know-how to all the products and services we offer in order to provide our customers with the best possible performance.


Emotional motorsport success stories

  • Participation in sprint and endurance races
  • Participation on behalf of and in the name of Porsche Motorspor
  • Support for ambitious pay drivers
  • Individual support of teams with engineering and manpower

Unlimited driving enjoyment with road vehicles

  • Development and design of Porsche Performance Parts and own products
  • Operation of a Porsche Service Center
  • Sales of vehicle accessories
  • Development services for Porsche serial production vehicles

Cumulative racing experience with engineering expertise

  • Development of racing cars & kits and "R-Quipment" accessories for motorsport teams
  • Organisation and execution of the Porsche Endurance Trophy Nürburgring
  • General technical support and spare parts supply for teams
  • Development services for Porsche Motorsport 

Extraordinary experiences with guaranteed adrenaline rushes

  • Planning and realisation of trackdays for Manthey road car customers
  • Planning and realisation of the Porsche Track Experience on behalf of Porsche
  • Support and operation of the Porsche and Manthey VIP hospitality areas
  • Conception and realisation of individual Manthey Experiences

Porsche Service Center Meuspath

As an authorised Porsche Service Center, we carry out all the work required to repair and maintain your Porsche.


Raeder Motorsport

The service partner at the Nürburgring for all vehicle brands